Know about the Different Kinds of Computers

Know about the Different Kinds of Computers

Computers play an important role in the present generation. It is hard to imagine a business without a system. Gone are the days, where the entire functions of a business are recorded in a book. Nowadays, computer and software simplify the entire planning and recording tasks. Some of the popular types of computer are the personal computer, desktop, laptops and tablet computers. Let us look at each computer in detail.

The personal computer: In short, it is referred as PC. The personal computer is a compact machine that is designed and developed for personal use. It can be used by a single person. Mac comes under personal computer variety. The majority of people think about Windows operating system when we refer as personal computer. It is basically referred as microcomputers. It is built in small size. When compared to the present personal computers, the older computers were much smaller. It is used by several businesses.

Desktop: If a personal computer that is not developed for personal use, then it is referred as a desktop computer. It is mostly placed in a permanent place. The set up will not be changed, and it can be used by any person. The majority of desktop provide power, storage and versatility for a lesser cost than portable computers.

Laptops: It is also called as notebooks. The laptops integrate the trackball, display, keyboard, the memory, the hard drive and the processor. It runs on battery. It still requires electricity to recharge the battery. It is highly comfortable to use. It can be carried to any place. It comes with webcam and DVD drive. You do not have to separately purchase or fix webcam as you do in other models. It is portable than personal computers and desktop computers.

Tablet computers: It is almost equal to a size of tablet phone. You can make calls as well as use as a laptop. There are different kinds of tablet phones available on the market. It comes in different colors and sizes. It is available at reasonable price.